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Sunday 24 October 2010

Playing tourist

Layover havn't been that bad after all - for the first time since I gotten here I've played tourist.

One of the 'local' Norwegians, who works in the staff, was kind enough to show me the sights and sounds of Juba, including the local marked and a folk art shop partly sponsored by the Norwegian Department of Foreign Affairs. The last place was quite interesting - the women from different tribes makes their traditional crafts and sells them there, thus earning some extra money without having to go through their men... which means a lot, since in the culture down here it seems like men dont have the same priorities as women when it comes to supporting their families.

Hmmm.. that came out wrong.

Lets say that men and women in this part of the world has differing ideas on how to support a family. The men  may invest in more cattle, more land, a bike to get the cash crop to the market. The women may invest in a better stove to cook food faster, new jerry cans for water, a water filter, better seed for the non-cash crop and that style of things.

Also about Juba... I'm happy this is not my Team Site. The camp is too big, the UNMOs dont have enough to fill their days with, and the town is too expensive - more so than Khartoum, and Khartoum is twice as expensive as Yei.

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