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Sunday 17 October 2010

Container cooking

Lets face it; I do not have access to a fully fledged kitchen with all the bells and whistles. But I do have a stove top, a pot, one pan and some other odds and ends... in other words, everything I need.

Dinner - when made in the container - has so far been one of three things:
  • Combat rations
  • Rice and Lentils
  • Bean stew.
Combat rations I've done once, just to make sure they worked (I got like 30 or 35 bags of the stuff). Just rip the top of, pour hot water in, let sit for five to ten minutes and eat. About as exciting as freeze dried food always is... in other words, not very.

Rice and lentils are becoming my staple food - after all, the recipe is quick, simple and hard to foul up. ¾ dl rice, ¾ dl lentils, 4 dl water, spice to taste... cook on low heat until the water is gone.
All you need to make dinner.

The bean stew I did for the first time today. While in Khartoum I bought a handfull of tins of the stuff, all in different 'styles' - todays late lunch / early dinner was in the Saudi Arabian style... One tin of  bean stew, a dl or so of water, ½dl rice and some time on the stove top yielded tasty results. And, according to the label, a result that is full of whats good for me too. However, since I have a limited supply of this stuff, I wont have it too often - but it'll be a nice break from the rice and lentils now and then.
 Take one tin of bean stew.
 Put in pot, add water and rice. Let simmer for ten minutes or so
Serve while hot and tasty.

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