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Monday 22 November 2010

Some like it hot!

 This cute little pepper bush grows by my neighbors container... looks innocent enough, right?
 Less than a minute of idle picking yielded this harvest - which ought to fill my needs at least until Christmas rolls around. Look big and plump, do they not?
Well, maybe not so big, but they do pack a powerful punch. Just the smallest one of these in today's dinner made me grasp my water bottle. Some people do like it hot, but this stuff is stronger than it looks...

The suggestion that these are jalapeños have been forwarded, but I wonder if they might be something else, seeing how tiny they are. The jalapeño should be 5-9 centimeters when mature, and these are a centimeter or less. Whatever they are, they are spicy. Having them growing outside my door should make cooking easier.


  1. Now that they're shown to scale, I'm thinking those are Capsicum frutescens. Those are some of the hottest chilies on the planet.

    I have two guesses as to what cultivar they are. Either they're African Devil (aka African Bird's Eye) or Thai hot peppers (aka Bird's Eye Chili).

    Given that you're in Africa...I'm going to wager it's African Devil.

  2. LOL, I wish I could have warned you, lol. I won't even touch those peppers. It seems a general rule of thumb, if its not a man made cross the smaller they are the hotter they are.