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Thursday 14 April 2011

Good to be home again

The trip home this time around was a serious case of hurry up and wait...

First I had to rush when the helicopter arrived an hour earlier than it usually does - so I could spend a day in Juba. Mind you, that day in Juba was well spent - but at the end of it we still have the usual stress of MovCon wanting everyone to check in in less than 45 minutes so we could have the joy of sitting in the small waiting room for almost two hours...

Up in Khartoum I had just enough time to eat and repack before I had to hustle through check in again - check in ends an hour and a half before take off, and there is not much to do in Khartoum International Airport at night... and no where comfertable to sit either.

In Amsterdam there was quite a push from everyone to get through the passport control... I could almost have lifted my feet off the ground and just been carried along. But once the guy have glanced at my passport and asked if I was going home on leave there was little to do but grab a bite and wait patiently to board my next flight.

And once home in Oslo? Sit and wait for the bus - two hours.

So it is really good to be home for a couple of weeks - no stress of rushing around just to wait somewhere else


  1. Yay! Glad that you're finally home again! Give Becky a hug for me! :D

  2. Glad you made it home. I hope you had a book to read when you had to wait so many times. LOL.