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Thursday 7 October 2010

Yay internets!

The internet went down on tuesday. Thursday we learned that the reason was that the ISP had gone out of business - welcome to Africa. The upside is that our AdmOff has done some outstanding work, and the new ISP has a fatter pipe for us.

Tuesday we more or less finished the paperwork at UNMIS HQ - except getting the MOP (Movement Of Peronell) stamped by MovCom. Wedensday morning saw that taken care off. Wedensday was also the day for buying the last needed supplies, including a small pot and prying pan, a few tins of bean stew, a bag of rice and two smaller bags of lentils, Along with the stovetop I aqquired the first day I was down here and the small mountain of dried foodstuff I allready have, I should be well sett for going deeper into the dark continent.

Thursday was the day set aside for dropping off our gear at MovCom, and getting our CMR (Cargo Movement Request) signed and stamped. On the way bcak from MovCon our AdmOff topped by DHL to fetch a package - the BBQ he ordered from Norway a couple of weeks ago. I spendt a fun hour getting my hands on tools again, assembling the Weber into a fully working food carbonizer while the AdmOff went hunting for a new ISP. By the time he got back I was finished, and along with a couple of the others he and I went to a coffee bar he had been told about. Nice place, quite western. Apart from the customers one might as well be in Norway or the US.

And yes, they did serve Caramellos... ice coffee with vanilla ice and caramell sause. Mmmmmmhmm! Definitly have to go there again - soon. Very soon.

With the training done, our paperwork in order and our cargo shipped, there simply isn't muh more that needs doing. On Friday some of the guys might hit the Greek Club - a combo fitness center, pool and place to hang out in the sun - but with my lack of love for sunbathing I'll probably skip that. It's simply not tempting to lay on my back in the sun and listen to my brain boiling.

The new BBQ had to be properly baptized, so a quick trip to the grocery store was the last thing on the list before sunset. And when the worst heat had dissipated (ie:  it was below 40C), we fired up the barbie and slapped some meat on it. Good times, even if I'm stuffed to the gills - again.
One BBQ in pieces
 One BBQ, not in pieces no more.
 A little sweaty, but y'know, it's more than 45C in the -ing shade.
 It's a well known fact that BBQ are guy magnets.
So full... but once out on a team site it's going to be slim pickings.

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