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Wednesday 13 October 2010

Settling in

I'm learning my way around the team site and the team – yesterday I got good briefs on the jobs of G1, G3 and the Duty Officer. The last is most welcome, since my first round as DO is... friday. Thursday – that is, tomorrow – I'll head out on my first Short Duration Patrol, ie: a patrol to a village or town where we dont spend the night. I'm quite excited about it, and also worried, since I'm the designated driver. It'll probably be okay, I just have to remember water, some food and my GPS so I can tag the place for later.

I'll see if I can't get down town to do some shopping today, I need a few odds and ends now that I'm in my permanent container. However, work first – I need to talk to G2 and G4 about their jobs, as well as read more of the Team Site instructions. And in between I am going on a TP – town patrol – to help gauge the local situation (probably calm and stable).

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