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Friday 22 July 2011

Way too much on my mind

In addition to all the other stuff going on - or rather not going on - in UNMISS these days.... well, as I'm sure everyone knows by now this thing happen (yes, it's a link - click on it). A frigging terrorist attack in Oslo, Norway. May be organised terror, may be a lone wolf - I don't have enough information to make a guess either way at this stage. The latter is actually the more scary option; you cannot protect against crazy.

It does hit close to home though. I grew up in that city. I walked those streets more times than I care remember. I slid down the poles in the fire-station right below ground zero on a couple of occasions (class excursions)...so it not only hit close to home but these things shouldn't happen in Norway. Norway tends to be this little fairy-bubble of peace and sanity. Bombings is something that happen other places... not in Norway.

Yeah, mind is kinda full right now. Which is why I'm not convinced I'll get much sleep... there is nothing I can do about it, but that's part of the point. There is nothing I can do about it. If I've been home I could at least donated some blood or something... I'm rambling, I know.

Oh well. Norway have lost it's innocence. Lets hope we don't loose our minds over this matter and repeat all the mistakes the US did after 9/11. All we can do now is to let the police do their work and see what hard facts they can bring to the table before we do something ill considered. So I'll ask all those who read to cross their fingers and join me in hoping for the best. Pray if you feel that will make things better. And lets all work together for a better, saner world where this won't happen again - in Norway or anywhere else. After all, isn't that what I went down to Africa in the first place for?


  1. That is really terrible. When I saw it on the news I thought of you and all the other Norwegian people. My thoughts are with you and your countrymen at this difficult time.