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Saturday 9 October 2010

Once again, Yay internets!

It was a couple of days tracking down information, but we found a ISP that supplies mobile internetwebs in the part of Sudan I'm heading too in the morning.

Reasonable cheap too - 90 Sudanese pound a month, and since I prepaid three months in advance, I got the dongle for free. The installation was simple enough, and the surfing speed is quite good (I'm posting this using my shiny new dongle). The downside so far is that I have to use it under WinXP, which runs slowly on my Eee - mostly because I am running it off a USB stick. I guess finding our how to run it either under PuppEee OS or the Xandros my Eee shipped with is my long term mission - if I choose to accept it.

More later - it's time to do the last of the packing.

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