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Monday 11 October 2010

Arrived Yei safe and sound

Remember that wireless Internet? The one that the ISP swore up and down would work 100% in South Sudan?

Turns out it dont work quite that well... or at all. I'm peeved, but there isn't much to do about it for now other than borrowing a UN computer when I need to go online.

However, to learn this factoid, I had to travel to South Sudan - which is where I am now; safe, sound and with a full tummy. Team Site Yei is a small teamsite - a mere sozen UNMOs now that I'm here, a company of Dorce Protection, some UNPOL (UN Police) and some other odds and ends. The Team Site Leader is a dane, and quite happy to see another scandinavian face - he's been on his own for a couple of months and was longing for someone from his own cultural background to talk to.

Yei town itself is smallish, but large - pretend that it makes sence. Mostly brick buildings, with a handfull of mud huts thrown in for colouration. The roads are... well, the roads aren't. Mostly they are potholes, bumps, mudholes, small creeks from the last rain or parked cars. Off course, with roads like that even getting to the market means navigating an off road course - complete with other cars, bikes, donkeys and pedestrians. I think I'll be extremly hard pressed to break the speedlimit for UN vehicles...

For now, I've been assigned a temporary container to sleep in. A more permanent residence will become avilable soon - by the weekend at least. But even the temporary container is decent, it's mostly lacking the frigde, a second chair and a little garden in front of it to be up to the standard of the permant accomendations. Once I've been assigned a new place, I'll start working on sproucing it up.

The TSL - Team Site Leader - showed me one of the local eateries for dinner today; one of about four or five he would consider decent enought for a scandinavian to eat at. No menues, since what they have avilable changes depending on what was at the marked earlier in the day. Today they had a lot: beef, chicken orgoat, served with your choice of french fries or rice.

And yes, goat with fries was pretty tasty. Cheap too, a full plate with drinks (coke in glass bottles!) was a little less than half what we paid in Khartoum.

It's been a long time. I'll try to get some pictures of the Team Site uploaded tomorrow.

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