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Friday 29 October 2010

Yei, I'm "home"!

It is interesting how quickly I grew to see my team site as a home away from home... as seen by how damn good it is to be "home" again and get cranking. I think I wouldn't have minded the trip so much if it hadn't been for the delays built in due to the flight schedule - to attend a three day class I have been gone from the team site for a week...

As a pleasant surprise, the team site leader had left some odds and ends with the other Norwegian for us to share when he went on leave; in addition to a nice, red little tub for carrying laundry in I got a couple of cans (coconut milk and green peas), some bullions, spices and a bit of flour and rice... and a bottle of tamarind sauce, which smells interesting but I have no idea what sort of food to put it in. Should be a nice taste with rice though.

Right now life is decent - if it hadn't been raining I would done laundry. Instead, I'm sitting here enjoying the one thing I found in Khartoum that I havn't found here: Real Coffee, brewed in my press can. Apart from being with my better half, there isn't much I would change right now.

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  1. I've been told that tamarind sauce is good on roasted meats, with curries, and with beans. Personally, I've never used the stuff because I found the smell to be a bit odd. It was a staple condiment at Nawabs.

    Also, apparently tamarind trees are native to Sudan. Learn something new every day.