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Sunday 24 October 2010

Back in Khartoum

The UN handles passengers on their flight much like any other cargo: in an ad-hoc fashion. Forget stuff like public announcements in the lounge, any facilities in said lounge and assigning seats in advance... then it wouldn't be chaotic enough. But, just like the other cargo, you will arrive at our designation, on time and with your luggage. Perhaps other airlines could learn a thing or two from the UN in that regard?

I got back to the Norwegian House, and walked straight into a welcome dinner. Apparently the AdmOff and the two others who live in the house permanently though it so nice to have visitors again that they pulled out all the stops - fresh salad, rice, chicken and beef on the barbie, the works. Makes me happy to be back here, just for a few days.

Training starts tomorrow at 0900, meaning I get to sleep in. And that means I can take advantage of the good internet at the Norwegian House to finally get the videos from the Hindu festival last Sunday uploaded - stay tuned!

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