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Wednesday 20 October 2010

Other things also happen

It occurred to me that the last few posts have been about big things... but many other things happens too:

  • On Monday another Norwegian arrived, doubling the number of 'weges down here and increasing the number of Scandinavians by 50%.
  • Monday was also the day I functioned as a Air Liaison Officer - which is good since I'm going to Khartoum next week to get the three day course I need to function as one...
  • Tuesday quite a few of the 'white' people in Yei meet to celebrate one of our numbers birthday at an Ethiopian restaurant - and ended up hanging around, drinking beer and shooting the shit for about two hours because it rained too much to even think about navigating the roads in town.
  • Today - Wednesday - some of us went out the gate and down the road to the left, because we realized none of us had ever gone on town patrol in that direction. We stopped at a place called IRIS Ministries Orphanage, and meet a handful of people trying to do the right thing on a limited budget without much in the way of evangelizing. If / when I see them again I'll look into what I can do to help them out.
  • After we had left the orphanage, we hit a patch of not good road - and had to enlist the locals to help dig us out, while most of the kids in the area was staring slack-jawed at the white man.
  • I have learned - first hand - that white UN vehicles turn a nice tan colour after hitting a patch of not good road.
  • Despite being sent to Khartoum on official training, I still don't know if there is room for me to stay in Juba on my way there - and I leave on Friday and have to be in Juba until Sunday.
  • And I found out that while my Eee is almost too underpowered to use the new internet donge under WinXP, PuppEee Linux not only detected me plugging it in but got me online in less time than it takes to boot into WinXP.
So yes, other stuff also happens in Yei.

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