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Monday 4 October 2010

Last day of training / visit by the Commander National Joint Headquarters

Today was the last day of induction training - which was the 'first day' we missed almost two weeks ago. Kind of funny to hear the introduction to the course we were just about done with... As the other days, it was some good lessons, some less so and one missing completely. In other words, business as normal.

The afternoon was less normal - the Commander National Joint Headquarters (General Brovold) is making a tour of the mission, and as part of his tour he wanted to meet us over a cup of coffee for a free and honest exchange... what we think  about the mission, the support from home, the future of Sudan and many, many other things. As often happens when Norwegians meet over a cup of good, strong, black coffee, the talk was lively, unstructured and quite engaged. Brovold certainly seems to have both his feet on the ground, as we say in Norway, and what little laundry we had was hung out rather quickly, leaving us plenty of time to talk about our expectations from the mission, our thoughts on the referendum and the pros and cons of the various forms of malaria prophylaxis.

Later in the evening we all - that is us UNMOs, the NSE (National Support Element - aka our AdmOff) as well as General Brovold and his retinue - was treated to dinner... and what a dinner: the buffet at a local four star hotel. I'm stuffed to the gills.

Tomorrow we'll sleep in a bit - and then we'll start chasing after forms and signatures for sending our gear as well as traveling too our respective team sites.

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