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Wednesday 20 October 2010

Not so good road

It's amazing how quickly one adapts... I now categorize roads into "good roads" and "not good roads". A road is "good" if we can get the car past. A road is "not good" if we can't, or get stuck. And then there is the roads in between, where we really wonders if this is such a great idea...

Anyhow, yesterday we went on a Short Duration Patrol. The road we were taking is usually - I'm told - not good. And I'm not sure if it's dumb luck or my driving skills honed on ice and snow, but we did get past and reached our destination.
 Good road.
 Still good road.
 Maybe good road?
 Maybe not good road?
 Nah, good road...
The Joint Military Team and the headmen and chief of the area.

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  1. lol MP, that road looks pretty bad, but maybe that's because I'm used to seeing that kind of road here in my state. Mazel tov on getting through that muddy road safely and without getting stuck. ;D