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Thursday 19 May 2011

Air Patrol to Kajo Keji - Huge photo post

Today I went on my first Air Patrol ever - since our Team Site is calm and quiet compared to some of the other places, it makes sense to not prioritize us over them. Downside off course is that I was the Patrol Leader, and was going to a place I've never been before... no pressure!
 BanBat provided us with Force Protection on the patrol.
 Guess who?
 The JMT with the local authorities, as well as a couple of UNPOLs station in Kajo Keji who aided us with transport
 The County of Kajo Keji, according to the map in their little museum.
 More of the museum in Kajo Keji
 Slightly blurry, but five of the anchor shaped iron ingots were enough to buy a decent bride in the old days.

 Some carved statues showing old style dress - bark loincloths and not much else.
 More statues. The drum is a traditional instrument in most of South Sudan.
 Our BanBat officer - I've noticed that the BanBat loves having their photo taken.
 The County Administration in Kajo Keji is based in an old British outpost from 1911.
 A much greener area than Yei.

 Having just taken off and heading back to Yei.

 Our last task of the day was aerial recce of a certain village, trying to judge whats going on in it.

 Being done with the village, we continued onward toward our Team Site

 Outskirts of Yei.

If you look towards the window frame, you can make out the Team Site on the far side of that little road.

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