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Wednesday 22 December 2010

Getting back in the rhythm of things

It's amazing how tired one can become from traveling for a day and a half... I'm starting to get over it though. I'm also starting to get over the small pile of work that was waiting for me - the fellow who was doing the G1 work while I was away did well enough, but the little extras I like to do was not done; things like the training program, the 'who gets to go on leave' list and suchlike. While I'm still not done doing them, at least I know excatly whats left to do - and knowing is half the battle.

THe few extra odds and ends I brought down here with me has improved things too - the extra hanging shelf went up quickly, and the tool kit and hooks allowed me to stop hanging things in the electrical conduit. And off course, the new laptop with the full sized keyboard not only lets me write faster, but also lets me surf faster. I guess my beloved Eee was just to weak to use the mobile internet dongle efficiently. Not that I'll stop using the Eee though - it's still an amazing little machine, and the only thing to use for watching movies in bed.

This week we're having a long duration patrol out, meaning the rest of us is pretty much restricted to patrolling in town and the immediate area. This is good for our two new UNMOs, and also good for me since that means I can really ease myself back into the rhythm of life in Yei.

Christmas Ewe is in two days... since celebrating that is mostly a Scandinavian thing, I suspect I'll be having a quiet evening for reflection. Christmas day on the other hand... rumors say that there will be a party. Don't know where yet, but it will be nice to mingle with other westerners for something like that.

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  1. I would like to meet this Christmas Ewe! She can keep the julbukk company.