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Wednesday 9 March 2011

Sisyphus had it easy...

After all, all he had to do was to push a boulder uphill, watch it roll back down and do it again - for eternity. I mean, he got to be outdoors, had a decent view, plenty of exercise... he was probably something of a tourist attraction too, being pointed out by those just visiting (which was a fair number, according to Greek mythology).

On the other hand, the G1 in a Team Site have to do all the paperwork, set up leave plans, sweet talk both his fellow UNMOs and the people above him in Sector, try to make everything fit together in such a way that not only is everyone satisfied with the result but also keeps the percentage of people in the Team Site as close as possible - but not below - 75%. On top of that, the G1 have to do it in an office, sitting in front of a very slow computer while being buggered by all sort of distractions... just to have people come to him when everything is wrapped up and asking to change their leave (usually with good reasons too).

Yeah, Sisyphus had it easy.

I guess what I'm trying to say here is that my carefully laid leave plan for April and May have been uprooted, shuffled and shaken... and I spend all day trying to make the jigsaw fit all over again - with no edges and only pieces of cloud - so that everyone is satisfied. And off course the deadline for sending it to Sector was last Friday... but the G1 in Sector is very understanding and don't have a problem with amendments as long as I can explain why.

End result? After working around two leaves which cannot be changed for very good reasons, I got a new plan down for April and May... but one that means I will miss a family happening myself that I had hoped to be able to attend. In short, my next leave will be from April 13th to May 5th - unless the midden hits the windmill AGAIN!

At times pushing a boulder uphill for eternity looks quite tempting.

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