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Thursday 24 March 2011

Godspeed and safe flight

Tomorrow the Commander of BanBat5 in Yei gets on a helicopter and heads to Juba, and on Monday he'll board a flight to go home to his family again. In honor of the occasion, the Commander of BanBat6 in Yei invited all the UNMOs and representatives from all the other pillars in the Team Site to a going-away-dinner.

It was a nice little party... a little subdued perhaps since our long term friend is going home, but also happy since he gets to be with the ones who means the most; his family. Speeches were made, which is something of a rarity here, and even I joined in and said what was on my heart. It's never fun to see friends leave, but as he said himself; who knows where and when we might meet again - be it on a UN-mission or elsewhere.

So farewell for this time my friend, safe flight and long life.

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