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Sunday 27 March 2011

Just strolling around camp

Was just walking around the camp with my camera as I was waiting for the washing machine to be free...
 Ants they be busy - this nest wasn't there a few days ago when we had the big rain.
 Really busy.. wonder how deep their lair goes?
 And these isn't the big ants either, these are the tiny ones.
 Meanwhile, an anthill that was knocked over last week is rebuilding.
 Part of the old structure - the material in the anthills is not too different from cement, and the locals often use knocked down anthills to make durable fireplaces.
 It's a palm three of some sort.. a little stunted and a bit dry.
 Another clear sign that the wet season is upon us - fresh green grass where they used to be nothing but dust.
 No idea what sort of flower this is, but it was pretty as it were growing all by itself on the far end of the helipad.
 Stood about a half meter tall... and smelled of nothing much at all.
 This fellow was looking at me until I was just ready to snap a photo. Then he left...
 It was a hazy morning...
 Quite hazy in fact....
 So hazy I almost expected it to be cold...
 A map of Bangladesh made from cement, rocks and paint. As far as I know created by BanBat1 back in the early days of the mission.
It may be a little hard to spot, but some of the ants down here uses straws, branches and suchlike as guides for building tunnels above ground... probably evolved as a defense against predators.
Thats all the good snaps I got... time to rinse and hang the laundry before I start packing my bag for going to Juba tomorrow.

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