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Thursday 24 March 2011

Should I feel flattered or slightly annoyed?

On Monday I'm traveling to Juba.

Let me clarify that; on Monday I'm traveling to Juba for a job interview - for the job as the Sector UNMO-Coordinator. A job, I might add, I technically have not applied for.

Let me back up a few steps; The current UNMO-Coordinator, who happens to be a Dane, has his end of mission in May. In early February the announcement of the vacant position went out, which resulted in an amazing number of applications. After all, zero is an amazing number...

As some of you may remember, the unpleasant task of coming up with nominations fell on the various Team Site Leaders. As far as I know, the "re-listing" of the job resulted in a few volunteers and some nonvolunteers, but in the end the current UNMO-Coordinator came up with four short-listed names, and my name was on that list. The Sector Commander looked at the list, discussed each UNMO listed with the UNMO-Coordinator and picked two persons he wanted to interview - a natural precaution seeing as how the UNMO-Coordinator and Sector Commander works closely together.

So there you are; On Monday I'm traveling to Juba for a job interview.

On one hand it is somewhat flattering that "several sources" points to me as having the right qualifications for what is a difficult and important job. On the other hand I had plans... I've positioned myself to become the next Team Site Leader in Yei, worked on the relations with the other UNMOs, the UNPOLs, the other pillars and the population outside the fence.

I'm a little torn as to what way to feel right now. I'll probably go with flattered - it's a much more pleasant feeling than being annoyed at any rate. New relations can be forged, I seem to be good at getting friendly with people, and if (and it is still a big if) I get the job it'll be like having a second mission while still being on my first mission!

At the very least I'll get a couple of days in Juba. I think a pizza sounds good...

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  1. Sounds like a great opportunity, so it's good that you're looking at the positive side of it. :) You know what they say about the "best-laid plans." Good luck on your interview!