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Saturday 5 March 2011

Just another Saturday

Today is another Saturday in Yei...
I brought some of the new guys over to MAG so they could take a walk in the Mine/UXO garden, which is always nice and very instructive, our mechanics managed to fix the antenna mount that broke on of of our vehicles on Monday, and I have power restored in my container.

 Walking straight past half the mines on display... either they are slacking off since it's the weekend, or I'll never go on patrol with them again.
 While staged in this instance, this is not an unusual sight: parents will place UXOs in threes to keep them out of the children's reach.
 Frankly not impressed by the welding... I could done better myself if I had the tools. I give this weld two months on the outside before snapping apart again.
New circuit breaker... less melted, more Amps.
The rest of my day? Well, I'm making chick peas and vegetable stew with rice for dinner, and tonight the gang is going to meet up at one of the German NGOs for beer, bbq and just plain hanging out. I'm looking forward to meeting the other westerners again and learn what's been going on - haven't had a meetup since I got back from my last leave.

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