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Wednesday 23 March 2011

BanBat rotations and definitely rainy season

Today have been a reasonable busy day again. In addition to the regular paperwork, which there is a fair bit off, we had a special flight for BanBat rotations... yes, BanBat5 is leaving us, and BanBat6 is moving in. They have been really good companions all the time I've been down here, and I hope their replacements are as nice - no reason to expect otherwise, off course.
While the aircrew took care of some urgent business, the outgoing soldiers hung around the helipad.
Looking at how brown everything is, it's obvious the dry season has been going on for a while... not for much longer though:
Ominous clouds... just a few minutes after this photo was snapped, it started raining and just didn't stop...
That's not a river, it's the camp...
It's raining...
..raining a lot.
So yes, the wet season is most assuredly upon us. Which makes the planning of the Welfare Committee's first party in a week and a half that much more interesting... oh well, such is life in South Sudan - twists and turns everywhere, but not the ones you expect to find.

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