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Tuesday 1 March 2011

Office work

It may be the least glamorous part of my work down here, but from time to time I have to stick around in the office and do office type work.

Like today... while I much rather would have gone on a Long Duration Patrol today with the guys who was going, at least I know that the Leave Requests for April will be done, done right and done on time. And I must admit that I am rather pleased with the job as G1 and how I manage it... under previous G1s, arguments and ill temper apparently was the norm every time leave was discussed - as rumors tells us happens in most Team Sites. Now? Well, sometimes people gets a little disappointed, but no one gets angry. After all, they know that I follow the priority list everyone agreed upon back in November*, and a glance at the list tells them when they can expect to get leave next. And off course, if they decline leave when it's their turn, they are first in line next time.

In other news; the benefit of all that dust in the air now that it's dry season? Awesome sunsets!

*) Very simply put, the math goes (leave left) / (days left). So the more leave you have left to burn and the less days you have to do it, the higher is your priority - modified by the fact that your first and last leaves have priority.

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