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Friday 25 March 2011

Fond farewells and tasty dinner

Today the last few remainders of BanBat5 took the helicopter to Juba. Off course we all went down there to say farewell and wish them a safe journey.
 Me on the left, then BanBat5 Commander in Yei, Civil Affairs and CITS.

For some reason I felt for a heavier and meatier dinner than usual today, so after dismissing the idea of hitting town I dug out a can of dead man, my spice jars and one of my little surprise finds from the supermarket; a tin of mushrooms 
 A minute or so with the can opener, and we're ready to turn this...
...into this. Full of good stuff, and fills you right up.
Other than that, it was an average day. Mostly I've been struggling trying to get the Leave Plan for May to come together... it's not as easy as it sounds, since we're pretty much hemorrhaging UNMOs that month.. and we have to keep at least 70% of our strength in the Team Site at any given time.

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