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Saturday 12 March 2011

My house

I realized as I was looking through old blog posts that I haven't done a show and tell of my "house" here in Yei... so here goes:
This is how the place looks like on the outside. Not much to look at on the outside, but then again it ain't much to look at on the inside either...
I have the keys to view at number 22... er.. number 3 I mean. Lets see what's hidden inside.
My little lobby - I can't call it a draft lobby since the only draft in the container is caused by the air condition, which tends to run 24/7.
Calling this a kitchenette is making it sound like more than what it is, but when you come down to it, this is where I cook my food.
My office and dinner table... putting it like that, it sounds kinda sad. The Shiny Device™ on the hanging shelf is a small digital photo frame I've filled with photos of my better half and the cat.
My wardrobe is the shelfs on the left... in between those shelfs, the stuff in my aluminium box, the clothes on my back and my laundry bag all the clothes I got down here is accounted for. You don't need much when you work in South Sudan.
I guess you could call this a cross between my shed, my library and the bottom drawer in the kitchen... you know, the one where everything that don't have a proper home ends up.
My bedroom, such as it is. My nightstand also doubles as a medicine chest and dresser for clothes I seldom use.
My pantry, with the bathroom hanging on the door. I know they put the cabinet in here to use for clothes, but most of the people living in camp instead uses them to store food.
A view from the bedroom towards the kitchenette. Office on the left, pantry on the right.
And for wrapping up, a view from the kitchenette towards the bedroom.
So there it is, my little house in Yei, South Sudan. Not much to look at, but it has all the things I need to manage between leaves. It could do with a larger desk and a more comfortable chair though...

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