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Sunday 20 March 2011

Just another slow Sun... no, wait - not at all slow

Today was meant to be a typical, slow Sunday.. do my laundry, read a bit, recharge for the week ahead. So I went out and took a few photographs around camp, just to have a bit to write about on my blog:
Just behind the laundry area these two henny-pennys were hanging out... and by hanging out I mean waiting to end up in the soup pot. The Security Officer bought them in the market yesterday, but the cleaner who had offered to help pluck and gut them had gone home, so they got an extra night of saying alive.
Just a random three, growing in the middle of a bare patch behind the vehicle workshop.
And these is the fruits of said three - probably not edible, since the locals haven't stripped it bare. Or they might simply not be ripe yet.
Random corner of the camp - this is the hole all the dirt of our embankment came from, currently used for "storage" and parking of spare vehicles.
The makings of a new ablutions container - all the plumbing ready to go.
The waste tanks for the planned new ablution - all made locally by local contractors.
Looking down into the settling tank.
And this is the neighbourhood the ablutions is meant to serve - as mentioned before a fair bit of constructions is going on in Yei these days.

And just when I made my way back to my container, a couple of the guys from the Indian Signals knocked on my door ever so politely; inviting me down to the tukul for Holi - the festival of colours!
All in good fun - from the second you walk in and is joyfully smeared with colours.
good food, good fun, good company - life isn't too bad in Yei.
Our Camp Security Officer and someone else - hard to tell who under all the colours
Dancing, Indian style. Sense of rhythm not needed, just leave your dignity by the door and get out there and dance.
Happy, smiling faces - and mine was one of them.
The nice thing about being Acting TSL is that I can all but order the Duty Officer to join in - which he enjoyed quite a lot.
From the left: Indian signal, UNMO, Camp Manager, me, two more Indian Signals.
Forgot to rotate this one, so just twist the monitor a quarter turn counterclockwise.
From left again; UNMO, Signals, UNMO, me, Signals
The aftermath of a successful holi. From what I was told, I should be safe from evil until next year - and I'll happily take all the protection I can get to be on the safe side.

So have a very happy Festival of Colour!


  1. LOL, that looked like so much fun! Hm, I wish the Indian community would organize events on this holiday. It would be SO popular here! We already do a similar thing during Fiesta, but with colored confetti!

  2. I'm sure this would be well-accepted here. :) Glad to hear you had a fun Sunday and hopefully you'll get your rest this evening.