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Thursday 31 March 2011

Back in Yei again

On the bright side, I got back here a day earlier than I would have with the helicopter. On the less bright side, I'm pretty battered and bruised after traveling the whole day with nothing but breakfast inside me.

167 km in 4 hours 17 minutes effective driving time... on roads that are anything but good. In cars which have seen better days. And with a humidity somewhere north of 100%... Yeah, it's really good to be back. And despite feeling less than great, I'm very happy that the Juba Team Site could take me half way "home".
 The joint JMT.. does that make it the JJMT, or the J2MT? At any rate, the guys from Juba is just as nice as the guys from Yei - if a little less talkative while driving.
 A view behind after I gotten over in "our" car - those mountains is between me and Juba. Notice how much greener everything is compared to pictures from last month.
 And that pile of ash and burnt out bed frame? Was someones home and furniture at one point... can't help to wonder what happened. It can't have been long ago, for if it happened during or before the last wet season you would not see anything but vegetation.
And this? The less than pleasant surprise that meet me once I got inside my box - frozen AC. Changes in humidity does that to these cheep units.

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