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Sunday 6 March 2011

Kittens and laundry

Yesterday one of the NGOs in Yei sent out an open invitation for a get together; basically just hanging out, knocking back a beer or two, slap something on the barbecue and shoot the shit for a few hours. And while it was only five of us all told attending, we did have good time - partly due to the fact that the guy hosting had just become a cat owner... The cat of one of the other Westerners in Yei have disappeared, leaving behind a number of kittens. And since the owner of the mama-cat couldn't handle half a dozen tiny bundles, the call went out for surrogate parents for the 4 week old kittens.

For being able to fit in my hand, Finn (as it has been named) was full of life and intent on exploring - when he wasn't soaking up the love and attention the five of us was pouring onto him that is. Much like Grady back home, Finn was hamming it up and went from lap to lap demanding cuddles, pet-pets and a little rough-housing... his claws and teeth may be tiny, but sharp. By the time we broke up and left the little bundle was fast asleep in a lap, exhausted by all the attention.

As for today it has been a reasonable slow day, but then again it have been Sunday... Got a lot of paperwork done in the office, since I'm currently Acting Team Site Leader, washed, dried and folded laundry, read for a couple of hours on my digital ebook reader - if I hadn't invested in that before I deployed I would have had to fill one of my boxes with nothing but books - and watched an episode of the BBC classic series "The World at War". Overall a relaxing day, letting me recharge my batteries for the new week ahead.

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  1. Awww, kittens just make a house so much warmer and full of life. I hope to get one of my own someday though maybe when I don't have to pay a pet deposit. :)