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Monday 28 March 2011

Just hanging out in Juba

Juba, largest city in South Sudan! Fastest growing city in Africa!  And nothing to do but wait!

Lets be frank - it don't matter where you are, without a car you go nowhere. And today at least I have no car and no one who has the time to take me anywhere. I have gotten accommodations, which by itself is pretty good going in Juba (but then again, I'm here on official business), and even if it's a shared room it looks like it'll be shared by me alone. Getting my Eee connected to the internet was a test of patience, but not due to any trouble with my Eee - the machine in the other end wasn't responding. The funny thing is that now I'm up and running it isn't any faster than then the 'net in Yei, despite this being a 3.5G network and Yei struggles to give me an EDGE connection. Off course, it could be due to me being inside a Faraday cage here, while I'm having my internet-dongle on the outside in Yei. I must speak to the local denizens to find out what speeds they are getting on average.

Other than getting my little 'puter online, the afternoon have been spent reading ("The Grand Design", by Stephen Hawkings) and trying to prepare for tomorrows interview with the Sector Commander. The later would off course be much easier if I knew what he would ask about.. or if he just want to have a chat to see if we're compatible. The UNMO-Coordinator works very closely with the Sector Commander and as such they must be able to work together. Luckily I seem able to work well with anyone who isn't an idiot, and you wouldn't be picked to be the SecCom if you ain't smart. Should work out just fine I think... I have come to the realization that even if I would like to stay in Yei, an opportunity like this don't come by too often and I really should try to grab it with both hands. Would look good in my CV later too...

It is about time for me to start thinking about getting ready for dinner. Apparently most of the Norwegians / Scandinavians meet for dinner in the big tukul most evenings. Convenient for me, since I have brought no food with me here. Breakfast and lunch can also be bought, and tomorrow afternoon I'll see about getting a ride to pick up some odds and ends in Juba town.

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