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Tuesday 10 May 2011

The stars at night, is big and bright...

...and this is why:
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It's almost horrible to see just how much light pollution we got in the western world - even more so when you consider that not only does it mean we can't see the full magnificence of the night sky like I can here in South Sudan, but all that light is also wasted energy...

Yes, wasted. If we - both as a society and in our every day life - made a move towards lamps and light fixtures that directed the light where we need it and not anywhere else, we would not only get the stars back but also save a lot of electricity. Considering the cost of electrical power these days, I would say it's a win-win situation right there.

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  1. Does it strike you odd that I can pinpoint exactly where San Antonio is on the map? I know exactly which glob of light is where my city it. :/