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Saturday 13 November 2010

Beds of change - part 2

Remember when I said that the new cleaners were homing in on a bed that was quick and easy to make and looked inviting? Yeah, about that...

The same day I made that post, they started changing up the way they did the sheets again. I suspect that the different way of doing up the bed depends on which cleaner gets to my container first... or if it's the same cleaner, how experimental she feels at any given day.
 A variation on an earlier theme, with a less sharp angle and less of the gray blanket showing. Almost daring, considering all the cleaner had attempted before was 90º and 45º folds.
 A throwback to the safe and familiar style, but with gray stripe that is wider.
 For some reason this strikes me as being almost strict - cold and efficient, yet also easy to slip into at night.
 Again back to a familiar style, but with a narrow gray line again.
 This one caught me by surprise, since my pillows were on top of each other for once. It took me a little while to spot the other subtle differences on this one.
 This is when I formulated my theory of two cleaners - note how the wide fold of the white sheet corrals the extra pillow into a small, strictly defined space.
 Here the cleaner took the idea behind the pillow corral and experimented a bit further - creating a bed that was oddly symmetrical and unsymmetrical at the same time.
Aaand back to the basics. Still enough variations to make it interesting to come back to my container every day to see whats going on with my bed though...


  1. lol I'm sorry, MP, it's just strange how they feel they can be experimental. Over here, the housekeepers just make the beds the same old, same old way. This is actually interesting, but also rather cold and restrictive as you said. I'm glad you're finding ways to keep yourself entertained though. :)

  2. We have to find entertainment where we can, being so far from friends and family (not that I ain't making new friends, far from it).

    However, I realized last night that I am - perhaps subconsciously - using my mothers terms in describing the way the sheets have been put down... she was teaching art and cultural history for years, and I guess I picked up more than I though. Reading my commentary is like hearing her talk about a painting :)