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Wednesday 6 April 2011

A bad few days for UN Peace Keepers

It's been a pretty rough few days for peace keepers across the globe...

On March 30th, a UNPOL was killed while patrolling in Haiti.
On the same day a MOVCON assistant was killed in a car accident in Uganda.
The day after we lost one in Cote d'Ivorie to a stray bullet.
Last Friday seven was killed in Mazar-e-sharif, as I'm sure everyone have heard about.
This Monday 33 passengers and crew lost their lives when a UN plane crashed during landing in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Yesterday a Police Advisor in Dafur was killed by carjackers.

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  1. Hans Marius, I'm so sorry to hear. The families and loved ones of those peace officers taken from us will be in our prayers. As always, we're praying for your safe return home and to Becky.