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Tuesday 16 November 2010

More of the other stuffs

It is amazing how quickly the human brain accepts the new and different things as normal - which explains why the pace of this blog have slowed down a bit I think.

I do laundry once or twice a week but while the laundromat still is of the "elbow grease and lots of splashing around" style, I now consider that to be just part of life down here. I cook in my container almost every day, but again that's just how things are supposed to be these days. We drive on the same roads every day, but now I don't really think of them as bad anymore - unless we get stuck (so far I've been lucky). And I do try to get my walking in every day, but that's something I ought to do while home as well...

Some of the things that don't happen often enough to become routine:
- The Team Site Leader has returned from his leave - and is leaving the mission in less than a week.
- We gotten two new UNMOs posted to our Team Site - one from Peru, the other from Nepal.
- Last week we had two vehicle breakdowns - one in Yei, with doors that would not open, and one in the bush, with a broken steering rod.
- Eid al-Adha, the muslim holiday, is coming up - and we still have no reply from Sector if we should take the day of or not (it's a UN holiday in Sudan, or part of Sudan, or maybe in name only... who knows, cause we don't).

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  1. You just answered a question I had, one of my kids is missing school for her religious holiday and my co-workers expect me to know and now I have info when I get pestered with questions today. Ty MP! XD