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Monday 6 December 2010

Observations along a luggage conveyor belt

First off... I'm back in Khartoum. No training course this time - I'm on my way home on my first leave!

Anyhow, the UN flight from Juba arrived in Khartoum just after a domestic flight - meaning off course that our luggage arrived on the conveyor belt late. After a while down here you get used to make a bit of observations, and I woud like to share the three tiers of luggage I spotted.

  • First there is the affluent style, which seemed to be picked up from the belt by well off people: Pile all your belongings on a carpet, fold and roll it up and wrap a belt around it.
  • One step down, and commonly picked up by what to me looked like the upper middle class: Take a huge shopping bag, cram everything into it and close it up with duct tape.
  • Lastly, and in large numbers: Scour the neighborhood for a cardboard box, preferable beaten up. Cram it so full the sides almost split, then wrap some twine around it and call it done.
Yeah... to quote Dorothy: We're not in Kansas no more.

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