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Wednesday 1 December 2010

So what's this "container" I keep talking about?

It occoured to me the other day that perhaps some of you are not too familiar with the accomandation containers as used by the UN in Sudan... well, probably most of you. So in order to fix that, I've taken a few photos:
Our containers - like the best furniture from IKEA - arrives in a flat packet. Some assembly is required, and I wouldn't be too shocked if some parts are missing from the box... off course you wont know until after the store closes.
After unpacking, the frame is erected on level ground... more or less. For reasons unknown, this one sits abandoned in camp, and isn't all that level either. But it shows the framework quite well - and the flowers along the side is a nice touch too.
Once the framework have been assembled, walls and fixtures are put in place. The walls are made out of two sheets of rather thin mild steel on a foam core - in the best tradition of disposable buildings everywhere. A good whack will dent the wall, a knife will easily puncture it. And a firemans axe will make a new door in seconds, if needed.
Add a few decorative touches, a door and someone to live inside... and you got a container as I've gotten to know it. For being little more than a steel frame with insulated steel walls, it's not to bad a place to live.

Granted, it's a anything but soundproof, the damp comes in esily when it's raining, the aircondition is noisy and the place is a oven when the power dies and the aircondition isn't working... but it's home away from home.

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