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Saturday 4 December 2010

A really short short duration patrol

Well, not that short, but on "good" roads even 60 km can go quickly - we were out and back again in two hours yesterday.

As usually, the map don't match the terrain - the village we were going to simply is unknown to all the locals, the village that was our secondary designation is the name of a clan and so on. But we stopped at one of the local health centres and got lots of good info... including a tip not to pick the mango from a particlary lush tree; the locals believe the area just under the tree to be either mined or contain an UXO. And getting that sort of information is why we talk to locals, and not just go to the various administration offices in our area.
The nice thing with the approaching dry season is that the roads are dry. The not so nice thing is that the roads are dusty. Give some, take some I guess.

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