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Sunday 5 December 2010


Or for the Americans, soccer!
BanBat challenged the combined team of UNPOLs and UNMOs to a friendly game, all for good fun. Never mind the fact that the BanBat team has been playing football at least once a week for almost a year, and most of us haven't seen a ball in ages.
BanBat are the well organised, well equipped team on the far side, with proper cleated shoes, shin protectors and uniforms. UNPOL/UNMO is the ragtag band closest, who have two pairs of cleated shoes between them.
 Despite having no qualifications what so ever, I volunteered to be the goal keeper... partly because I didn't feel for being at the bottom of a rough tackle later in the game
No training, no equipment, no brain... but lots of energy and a complete disregard for the fact that I don't know how to be a goal keeper. Skinned knees sting a fair bit, a lesson I learned as a kid but apparently never took to heart.

But it was great fun, despite a 4-1 loss. Would have been 8-1 if I hadn't managed a few decent saves.

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