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Sunday 5 December 2010

We got the power... er... no, we don't

Welcome to the UN... where nothing works.
Sometime during the night, the generator quit on us. First thing I knew about it was when I got up around 0800 and realised my aircondition was strangly quiet. Didn't really register until I realised that the little light in the fridge didn't turn on when I reached in for my morning juice. Well, usually these things clears up in half an hour to an hour, depending on whats wrong... so I had some juice and settled down to wait. My shower just had to wait, since no power means no water. After a while I got boored of waiting, and decided to head down to the office and see what the problem this time around...
...good thing I did too. Pretty much everyone who lives in camp except BanBat were gathered, speaking loudly and being really, really unhappy. Turns out the driver of the fuel truck - who has been responsible for filling up the generator tanks - had transfered pretty much all the fuel in his truck to one of the other pillars in camp without informing us. And since that fuel was earmarked for the generators, no one figured something like that would happen.
End result? The generators had to be fueled by jerry cans carries from the vehicle fuel depot, no power until almost two in the afternoon and my morning coffee made on my portable boiler.

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