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Friday 24 December 2010

Christmas shopping

I decided to do a bit of holiday shopping today, in order to fill up
the larder for the holiday (in other words, I was running low on a few

First a trip to the market, then a trip to the 'super market',
rounding off with a short stop at the bakery. Total cost; six Sudanese
pounds at the market (two each for the sweet onions, the bananas and
the tomatoes), twenty seven at the super market (fifteen for the
imported peanut butter, five for the very tasty tea and seven for the
juice) and two pounds for the bag'o'bread at the bakery.

All in all, 35 pounds. For me it's little more than pocket change
(just shy of 10USD with todays rate), but if you're local and making
an average of 25 pounds a day... yeah, I can see why peanut butter and
sterilized juice are luxuries only the Westerners buy down here.

I'm planning on using one of the onions and a well washed tomato in
todays dinner - if my eggs are still good (and they should be), I'll
be knocking together a quick omelet... fry up the onion, add a chopped
tomato and pour egg over the result.

Not the traditional Christmas dinner, but still something special
compared to the usual rice and lentils!

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