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Friday 24 December 2010

It was Little Christmas Eve!

Christmas is celebrated during the darkest time of the year, at least if you're living on the northern hemisphere. Just to drive that point home, our one remaining generator decided to play dead yesterday... from half past six (when the sun sets) and for three hours, we got to experience just how dark it can be in deepest Africa.

Still, after pretty much anyone in the Team Site had poked, kicked and cursed the damn thing, we got it up and running again. After that, and a couple of beers shared with the security officer - we really deserved a beer, or at least so we told ourself - I got around to Decorate the Tree!

Back when I grew up, I used to look forward to decorating the tree almost as much as I did look forward to opening presents. These days... well, I think I enjoy it more than the presents! And while I did get to decorate the 'real' tree when I was on leave, it's still something special about doing it on the proper day for doing such things - in other words, on the day before Christmas Eve.

And yes, it's true even if the tree is 60 cm tall, made of genuine plastic and comes in a card board box...
 Just slightly beaten up after the airline's gentle handling...
 ...although it's hard to break plastic.
 A green bottle brush?
 Well, vaguely tree like green bottle brush.
 Lights are working.
 Not the largest pile of ornaments, but then again it's a tiny tree.
 There is a certain order to how to do a tree; after the lights, tinsel goes on.
 The tree got balls - tiny little balls.

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