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Friday 24 December 2010

What am I listening to?

UN radio, off course!

Radio Miraya (meaning 'freedom') is funded by UNMIS, but since the UN value such western ideas as freedom and indepence of the press, UNMIS have no control over the broadcasts. They send news, documentaries as well as entertainment. And their website have the audio streams avilable for free, across the globe!

On occasion we have a couple of their journalists coming by our Team Site, and we do try to help them when we can with transport and such things. Makes it possible for them to go places they wouldn't otherwise be able to go, and we get a new face around for a few days.

Again, check out their website, listen to their show (top of the page, select "Listen to Juba" to get the same broadcast I listen) and enjoy the news, the debates and not at least the popular music of Sudan! You can find their schedule here - keep in mind that Sudan is at GMT+3.

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