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Friday 5 November 2010

Slow day and waffle futures

It's amazing how filled of things a day can be and still be slow... yesterday I was Duty Officer, which roughly corresponds to Officer Of the Day back home, and as usual in this Team Site, that means no patrols the day after.

So instead of Boldly Going out and Saving The World, I was stuck in the office doing the G1 job (actually, did most of the G1 tasks for most of the month). And it was boooooring. Majorly so. Most patrols really isn't all that exciting, but you get out and do stuff and see things. Sitting in an office and do office work, while important, simply don't compare.

So naturally I jumped the chance to pop out after we had wrapped up for the day to go shopping with the other 'wege. Taking the opportunity to the fullest, we drove through most of the town before stopping at our regular shop. While there wasn't anything I really needed, there was a couple of things that were nice to have - fresh juice and strawberry jam (in a can) for the waffles...

Oh yes, the waffles. Earlier this week we received a care package from the Norwegian AdmOff in Khartoum. In the box, in addition to extra mosquito repellent and sunscreen, was ten family sized bags of waffle mix* and a double waffle iron... welfare for 'weges far from home, as well as nice way to promote Norwegian Cuisine at it's finest - or at least most typical. 200 waffles and a few liters of coffee will be a lot of 'kos', even in sub-saharan Africa. We might make Sundays into Waffle days... or possible some other day :)

* ) Honestly, I was somewhat surprised to see this for sale** outside of Scandinavia... however, if you're curious about 'wege waffles and you have the right style waffle iron to use, I highly recommend making them from scratch.

**) The shop I found seems to have specialized in selling Norwegian groceries on the internet through - how about some Norwegian Chocolate for twice the already high Norwegian price?

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