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Tuesday 2 November 2010

Patrol Leader and Hens

Yesterday was interesting... for the first time I acted as Patrol Leader on a Short Duration Patrol ("short' meaning no overnight stay).

Off course, nothing ever goes smoothly - the village we were aiming for don't exists: its name is the superimposed name of two streams. There is a village in the area where it should be, but it's not accessible by car. And to top it off, we almost got stuck on a bad bridge... but we got to talk of the head of the Boma, and we got the info we wanted and much more.
Also, as I was walking around camp in the evening I noticed something big and white... wondering if it was a cat, I decided to sneak up on it and take a photo. Not that I needed to sneak, as I found out, it was not a cat... it was a big, plump, white hen! Clearly one of the UN volunteers living in camp wants to make fresh dinner in the near future.
Today is set to be a slow day... but tomorrow I'll be the driver on another SDP. I wonder what we'll run into then; the village dont have any roads marked in it's vicinity on the map...

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  1. Reminds me of a trip where I took a corner almost too fast, and we all looked over the left side of the car... to an unexpected cliff drop. Whoops. Few more RPMs on the pedal and and we been going down instead of around. Aren't adventures grand?