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Tuesday 9 November 2010

Dry season? What dry season?

"In South Sudan, the dry season usually begins in middle October."

Yeah, about that... it's raining so hard right now that it's hard to hold a conversation in the office. Forget using the phone too; the rattling of rain on the tin roof is more than loud enough to drown out anything the guy in the other end might have to say. And if that isn't enough, the occasional thunder makes the whole building rattle. I do hope this don't continue on for too long though; my container is not leaky (unlike the containers in Juba), but the humidity makes everything from papers to clothes rather damp, despite the hard work of the A/C unit.

Speaking of which, the condensation water running off the A/C has made a nice little puddle, to the delight of a little skink in the wee hours. A shame I wasn't carrying my camera, but I usually don't when I take my morning showers.

Our Long Duration Patrol set out this morning, leaving us with just a handfull of UNMOs at the Team Site. They got to their Temporary Patrol Base before the weather broke, but only time will tell if they will be able to reach their various destinations over the next four days. Town Patrols were also conducted before the worst of the rain rolled in, so the only real issue remaining is if the UNMOs living off base can get to their accommodations without having to dig out the car at least once...

We're set for a few slow days at the Team Site with half of us gone - hopefully not too slow, but rather that than too exciting; boring is safe.

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  1. You're right, boring is safe. And it sounds to me that the dry season hasn't truly returned to Sudan. I remember when I was in Belize, they said it was before the wet season started. And it was true since we didn't have rain every day...just every other day. ;) Actually, we only had rain a few times during our visit, but it was a nice refreshing rain, though I could have done without the humidity it brought with it.