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Monday 22 November 2010

Making out like a bandit

As mentioned in the previous post, the TSL has left us and are starting to make his way home. The upside? The other 'wege and I are making it out like bandits.

A huge pile of things that TSL didn't want to bring home to Denmark was left for us to split up, and split up we did. My haul includes among other things a bread knife, a fair bit of chicken stock and spices, soy sauce, pasta, bread spreads, a bottle of olive oil, a glass, a mug, a plate, and much, much more...

There was even stuff neither of us had a need for - like a nice frying pan - but we're putting those in storage for when a new UNMO arrives and may need it. So to my Danish friend - I know you'll be reading this - a fond thank you, your gifts is most appreciated and will se much use. And I can promise you that when my time here ends, it'll be gifted to someone who needs it.
 My half of the haul... it's a big pile of useful stuff.
 My pantry is bulging - every shelf is full of food and kitchen gear.
 So full in fact, it needs two photos to show it all off.

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