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Monday 22 November 2010


Today was the day our Team Site Leader -  the guy who meet me at the heliport with a big smile and a outstretched hand - left us. His time in Sudan is over, and while I know he's happy to leave and go home to his family, I think part of him secretly wanted to stay just a little longer... at least log enough so he wouldn't have to spend three days in Juba.

I'll miss him, off course. Even if I only known him for a couple of months, I won't hesitate to call him a friend. Granted, living in the same camp, sharing the same core values and cultural background made it easy to get on the same wave length, but there is a fair bit from that and to calling someone a friend - at least is you're a 'wege

Let me highlight one thing that he did that I feel helps paint a picture of the man; almost the last thing he did before going aboard the helicopter that was to take him away from Yei was to go to the school I've mentioned previously, just so he could say proper farewell to the kids there.

 Speaking to P2 - Primary 2nd year - at the school, with the headmaster helping with the translations.
 The school yard as we walked through - it was lunch break and most of the kids were having their porridge.
 Our TSL getting on the helicopter and leaving Yei for the last time - still smiling, like he always do.

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