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Saturday 6 November 2010

Beds of change

For some reason, the UN employs locals on nine month contracts... so after nine months, we're getting new cleaners, new security, new handymen etc. Off course, new people means changes, and one place where I really see it is my bed. The one that used to look like this, after the daily change of sheets:
Simple, functional, quick to put on... but not too inviting. Not that I minded - the bed is just a place to be when I'm sleeping, after all.

But with the new cleaners moving in, things are changing. The first hint was when I got back into my container and spotted this:

Yes, not only are the sheets folded differently, but the new cleaner has stripped and washed the covers of my private memory foam pillow as well. She came by a little later in the afternoon to put them on for me.

The next day, something new again:
This was easy to slip under the covers in, but pulled up the sheets underneath as I rolled in my sleep... looks very inviting though. This was when I figured out that the new cleaner must have been working at a hotel at some point.

Next day, something new again:
I wouldn't thik that putting sheets on a narrow bed could be considered an art, but this one certainly is artful - with bold strokes and a definite movement towards the foot end of the bed. One for the Museum of Modern Art, perhaps?

Yesterday I found yet another variation:
This one combines the narrow arrow from the first day with the two pillow arrangement from the second and third day. I feel the new cleaner is homing in on a bed that looks inviting, is easy to make and not the least is quick.

Still... I kinda miss the bed back home...


  1. That's amazing! All that energy spent on making a bed! And new sheets every day - you guys are spoiled.

  2. As warm and humid as it is, it's really nice to have clean sheets on a daily basis thought...

    There will be a follow up to this post - today, a new style showed up.