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Thursday 11 November 2010

Going for walks

Staying fit is important while on a mission like mine, both for the body and the mind. Sure, I could just sit in my container all afternoon and evening - but I would be bored to tears and in no shape to deal with situations like evacuation (on the off hand chance that they occur). So I try to go for a walk at east every other day, preferable every day. Ad since the days tend to be hot in Yei, most of the time I walk in the early morning or around sunset.

While I was in Juba I admired the fine walking path they had, from one end of their camp to the other and back. I could have applied the same principle here, but whereas their walk is about 5 km, ours would have been about 550 meters - not really a satisfying walk, but at least it would be done quickly. So instead I have opted for a different strategy; walking around our camp. One full lap is 1.2 km, and on average I do 6 laps - by which time it's either getting too warm (if I walk in the morning) or too dark (if I walk in the afternoon) to keep on.
 The right gear is as always useful - long pants to keep grass and jumping insects at bay, sneakers and a top that lets the sweat out without getting too damp. All courtesy of the Norwegian Armed Forces - they do take reasonable good care of us while we're down here. For walks in the dark the head lamp is very useful when it comes to spotting patches of wet mud...
 You see some fun things if you walk out here at night - like the moon on it's back.

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