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Monday 20 September 2010

Deployment day!

The following was written right after take-off from Frankfurt:
At this point I has been awake for almost 14 hours, and on the road for 12 1/2 of those... and I can tell. While the trip so far has been uneventful, it is taking it's toll - I'm quite tired. The flight fro Oslo to Frankfurt was no more than half full, but this flight is packed pretty full. I've only spotted two empt seats in the cabin so far. We're a total of seven UNMOs from Norway traveling at the same time, but we're spread all over the plane... shame, sine it might be nice to have someone to talk to about whats ahead. But it was nice to share a quick meal and a soda at the airport together, since the 'meal' on the flight to Frankfurt was... well... distincly not filling.

Germany - which I'm right above as I write this - is very green, almost as green as Norway is in spring. I drink in the view, realising that it might be the last big expance of green I see in a long time... more so if I'm posted to the northern parts of the mission area.

I worry for my mate... can't help to wonder how she's doing (logically, she's probably doing just fine, everything considered). At this pont I don't worry about how high the roaming charges are going to be - I'll call her when I land in Khartoum.

The rest is written as I lay in bed here in the Norwegian House:
The rest of the flight went smoothly, but that was to be expected... long flights are just long and dull. Arrived at Khartoum Airport, got our visas, fetched the luggage (all arrived in one piece) and traveled to the Norwegian House - our "home away from home". Got the brief brief, the quick tour of the house and the password to the WiFi... and that's all. Tomorrow we'll start checking in at the UNMIS Mission HQ - but mostly we start getting used to the weather. It's warm and humid for a 'wege.

Overall I'm looking forward to the job itself down here - I'm just NOT looking forward to being so far away from my family and home.

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  1. Hey, Good to keep up with what you're doing and looking forward to hearing about Sudan. What's it really like etc.
    I'm leaving for NZ on Friday - now that's a LOOONG trip!
    Take care,