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Sunday 22 May 2011

Football in rain, Foosball indoors

As mentioned last night, yesterday a joint team of UNPOLs and UNMOs meet the BanBat on the football pitch. The match was fast paced, full of lost opportunity and threatened by rain. I got some good bits of video of it with my new camera, but I've discovered that my laptop isn't powerful enough to turn that into something I can upload - at least not with the default software that came with it (ImageMixer 3 SE). So nice, high def videos will have to wait until I'm home on leave again or can lay my hands on some better software (not likely, seeing as I'm in South Sudan).
Still, I got a few shots of the inclement weather:

After the football game, it was time to open up the blue and let our guests try our newest actration: The foosball game (aka Table Soccer, Fussball (or Fußball if you prefer), Footzy, Bar Football and so on and so forth). We had invited a number of the NGOs in the area in for a meet and greet (and play and drink), so we had quite a few guests and a good time.

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